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Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Heaven’s Best now does hardwood floor cleaning!
Did you know that even hardwood floors can become dingy and dirty? First of all, you want to keep your hardwood floors clean and looking good. Heaven’s Best knows that you want to preserve your investment. As a result, we created the best hardwood floor cleaning process in the business.
Bring life back into your hardwood floors! Let the professionals at Heaven’s Best maintain your floors for you.

The Heaven’s Best Difference

How often do you need to clean your floors? The experts recommend every 2-3 years to stretch the life of your hardwood floors. Even though it seems that hardwoods don’t need that kind of attention, they can get dirty like carpet.
There are many reasons wood floors become dingy and dirty. Normal foot traffic will start to show signs of decreased shine. The entryway of your home is the place that receives the most abuse. Sand, dirt, and moisture accumulate and when walked on, starts to wear the finish off your floors. Once the finish starts wearing off, you will need to start thinking about refinishing. Call Heaven’s Best before that happens!

Our Process

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a unique product that protects all types of hardwood. It can even work on laminate floors! Heaven’s Best will extend the life and improve the appearance of your wood floors. They will be free of grime, dirt, and look like new – no scuff marks!

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Why Heaven's Best is the Perfect Choice

✔ Technicians are specially trained & experienced.

✔ Hardwood Floors will Last Longer.

✔ Quick Drying.

✔ We apply a protectant finish.

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